I build a pigeon loft for my Birmingham rollers. I made it pretty bad, but nice.

I like to make things badly, but funny. Funny in the way that you don’t need to laugh with it. And funny in the way that things aren’t technically right, but visually they work.

I made ceramic sculptures. I wanted to paint them, so I used them as templates (a shaped piece of rigid material used as a pattern for processes such as cutting out, shaping, drilling, coloring...), so only the borders of the sculptures are painted now.

The pigeons flew away because the roof made of canvas had disappeared. I needed that canvas, to make another sculpture with it.

The ceramics are living in the sculpture now.

video, 01:20, Wannes Lecompte, sound by JAŠA, 2017

Wannes Lecompte (1979, the one on the right) lives and works in Brussels.