Softening bitterness and you wait in
Corners of sand fields
And a woman's hands draw
Your eyes open
As the mouth moves to sing
Clear words beam morning in the
glossy dusk that welcomes night








«APERO» in France is the time around 7 pm where you gather with friends to drink (usually alcohol).

At the foot of the volcano Lincancabur in Chile, we organized  «Coca Apéro». The aperitif drink was brewed from natural coca leaves. We indulged in our drinks and had a little meditation. Constance Walsh had written some haikus that she read to us. We chewed some of the raw coca leaves as the Incas used to do, and then we spat them on the floor.


Thanks to the participants Sofie, Hannah, Francesca, Kamila, Annie.

Coca Apéro is a collaborative work between Eva Ostrowska (images). and Constance Walsh (haiku).

photo eva ostrowska.jpg

Éva Ostrowska (b.1989) lives and works in Paris, France.



Constance Walsh lives and works in New York City.