I find the living space extremely important, which is why I began painting it. The space in which you find yourself often determines your mood. Spending the major part of my days in my flat, I realised that this is what determines the amount of light I receive, how warm I am, essentially how I feel. And this is what I explore through paintings – through materials, colours, light ... While seeking the ideal space for me, I am seeking the ideal space for the contemporary man.


It is with the choice of colours that I seek to find tranquillity, However, certain people are bothered by the subject matter, contemporary architecture being quite a delicate topic. Others tell me that it was the colours that touched them and they find it surprising how quiet they seem despite the monumentality of buildings.



I have been following the feeling of safety, peace and the idea of being sheltered. All shades are linked through the same brightness, no contrasts and shades. I use colours to create specific atmospheres, which I use to channel the viewer's feelings and achieve a certain impression through the entire presentation. The exhibited paintings make you feel overexposure and softness, while, being so minimal they remain open for your own reflections.


f. Ada Hamza


Nina Čelhar (1990) lives and works in Ljubljana, Slovenia.








Nina's work was brought to our attention by  R GALLERY SPACE.