A: “What makes an activity relevant, yours or anyone else’s? “

B: “The way I see it, for what it stands for, how it forms its stand and how it is communicated.”

A: “Through art?”

B: “In relations, we create, towards what defines us, now and what used to define us then and then. If first we look at now, and define it as one elusive moment of there and there (man points to his head and the surroundings and repeats again in order to emphasize he did not make a mistake), there and there. They are both here both elusive, only history makes this now, graspable.

A: “Through us?”

B: If what we do defines us, it is our responsibility to act with devotion and dignity in order to inspire trust in ourselves and others (at the same time inspire again ourselves and others).

A: “Act/s towards and for art and humanity?”

B: “Individual vocations enrich through collaborations that follow the rules of creative process. Thoughts and ideas provoke actions that are meaningfully and mindfully turned into reality. Only a union of ideas can provoke a reality that puts man’s identity back into the center and identifies what embraces us, as unity. Art not as a reflection, section or mirror of reality, but art that provokes and generates reality.


now switch A for B and read again (just decide where you want to be)


We.are Institute follows a 360-degree approach toward complex contemporary art practices, where concept and form generate and define each other in forms of singular artist’s visions. Through compact group efforts aim/s are established upon the concepts and realities. Mainly operating in fields of spatial and site-specific interventions and multi-media. Installations are tailored within and with collaborating entities, individuals, and institutions joining knowledge and experience in order to reach out and communicate unique voices and stories to a wide circle of people. What we do, we do to give a voice, form and space to voices which are adding to our understandings of existence.