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One day I received a phone call.

Giulio: I need to send you a picture of what has happened.

I've received the picture but I needed more explanation from his side. So, I called him back.

Giulio: I thought you would like it, now imagine my surprise once I stepped into his house. I gathered the things he asked me to, then I turned around and I saw a composition of one of his beloved Tex with a quote on it. And of course, the rose on the right.

: Di Raco did it?

Giulio: Yes, of course (laughing)


Situational composition by Carlo di Raco, reaction, and photo by Giulio Peirè, quote taken from UTTER/ The violent necessity for the embodied presence of hope book, text by Etan Nehcin & Jaša

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Carlo di Raco, lives and works in Venice, Italy.